when i really think about this

when i think about our PRESIDENT ELECT BARACK OBAMA, when i really sit and honestly think about it, i almost begin crying. each time. it is so joyous, so hopeful, and so much different than what i have come to think of when i think of government. its beautiful and it makes me cry.

weird, no?

i havent felt this moved by something in a very long time.

obama and the dali llama could be very good friends i think. and world leaders from everywhere. things are going to be different.

alex, this guy im dating and very very into… he lives in maryland. the closest big city is DC. should i go work for obama? i think i sort of want to…

About suzyloves

i am flowers on the side of the road. 'yes' and 'joy' are important to me. i may not re-read what i write, and i never won a spelling bee, but i do hope you enjoy. the world is getting larger, and i fear our 'human-ness' is growing smaller. this is my attempt to connect. i do love you and i do miss you, so this is my hand reaching out so we can all be love <3
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2 Responses to when i really think about this

  1. suzyloves says:

    i know! thank you!! i found that this morning 🙂 and have been looking at it figuring out if i am qualified/ serious about this… and i think i am !!!

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