suzy, folks, when you sleep

In just recent days I have happened upon two different articles that I must mention.  About when you sleep.

First I read that recent dream and sleep studies show that people experience nicer and more pleasant dreams when there are fresh cut flowers next to their bed.  The aroma and our sub-conscience dance happily together while we soundly sleep.  Isn’t that nice?


Then, soon, I happened upon a new study that recommends NOT charging cell phones overnight right next to our heads, as so many of us folks with only a cell phone do. Especially one that acts as an alarm clock.  We plug the phone in and let it sit all through the night on the nightstand.  Scientists suspect that the subtle radiation of the charging cell phone can adversely affect our sleep.  


I’ve made the change, my friends.  I kid you not.  Phone – other side of the room.  Trader Joe’s flowers, by the bed.   

If I didn’t drink so much red wine and sleep so heavy anyway, maybe I’d have some results for you.  But still, it seems worth the effort.   Oh, and now I can sleep through the drunk calls and texts from friends, too.

So which is it ganna be, tonight?  That vibrating piece of metal and plastic?  Or a flower?


(Notice, I have nothing to say about tomorrow.  I’m all tomorrowed out about now.)

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One Response to suzy, folks, when you sleep

  1. cooku says:

    drunk calls and texts from friends? i have no idea what you’re talking about, mmkay?

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