time change

yes suzy, i bet you have noticed over the years of our blog and emails to each other, i always find a reason to contemplate, reflect, and analyze the time change twice a year.  this year, i have little to say.  i had no idea it was going to happen.  i’m totally distracted by the election.  i still was somehow on time for yoga.  and i was bummed that it was dark at 5:30pm in los angeles.  but it has been gray, rainy and wonderful.  makes me so happy to have some weather.  i hope it stays.

these elections are making me nuts.  nuts.  nuts.   if only i had a job to distract me.  i do not, so i sit endlessly in the home with npr, or in the cafe with newspapers, magazines.  i can’t get away from it.    and of course, this fucking computer and all the blogs.  the blogs, the stats, the polls, the blogs.  KILL ME.  ELECT OBAMA.  MAKE THIS HOOPLAH OVER OVER.   

actually, one way or another, i feel bad for these guys – don’t they want to sleep at all?  how are they standing?

love you suzy, thinking of you on this cool brisk los angeles evening eating pasta and veggies.  

from the natural history museum event:

(only in LA does everyone get to feel famous at these kind of events).

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