dear suzy in the middle of the night

isn’t that a great title of a blog?  or a novel maybe? perhaps an independent film? sundance?

It’s nearly 1 AM.   I have to be up in a few hours for a flight to Philadelphia.  I’m always so anxious when I have to fly so early (after a few missed flights in my lifetime), I never sleep really.   And after a few days in LA sleeping many many extra hours, I don’t feel the need to be in bed early. Obviously. 

I’m off to another adventure tomorrow.  Man, Another!  I have a car arriving at 6:30.  A car.  Well, a cab, but it sounds better to refer to it as a “hired car”.   

Tonight friends were over.  Another diner with me.  I made pesto from scratch and without a processor.  I spent an hour slowly and sharply chopping.  chopping.  basil garlic.  add. basil.  ass pine nuts.  It was so very tasty. Not I sit with a cheap bottle of Melbec. 2005.  My cat is somewhere.  I finished a disc of Dexter and now will watch the season premiers of South Park and Sarah Silverman.  Then maybe nap a bit until 6 rolls around and again, I depart Los Angeles for another land.

See you there.

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One Response to dear suzy in the middle of the night

  1. cooku says:

    ass pine nuts! glad you made your flight.

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