in a day!  a DAY A DAY !   what are your driving plans and when and with and what fro NY to CT?

(and hey, can I hitch back with you o Sunday to NYC for the night??)

i’ll be in a carpool from Philly friday morning to Hartford.  

DID YOU HAVE A NICE BIRTHDAY?  My grandmother and you are exactly 71 years apart.   Amazing?!


I’m slightly delirious this morning, having overslept.  Well not that I overslept into DOING anything, I just didn’t stay awake at my usual early rise.  When I came to again around 11AM, my mind was wrecked.   I wasn’t sure where I was or where I was supposed to be.  Am I supposed to be packing my car today or a bag to fly?  Which city am I going to again?  Do I need a ride, a heavy jacket, umbrella?  Is it the first day of school or the day of a big exam?   I sweat through all this tossing and turning, unable to actually rise up and blink a few times.  I couldn’t even manage the phone or clock next to the bed, they said different, weirder things each time I peeked.  If I was even really looking.  

Somehow it broke and I rose to pee and tidy up from last night’s White Taco Debate night.  The tidy quickly turned to scrub of kitchen counters and floor. 

The house is dark and warm.  

So a little bit with it now, I realize I should pack up for the trip.  Again it’s a few trips in one, requiring some steps in packing.  A suit.  Am I checking?  SHOES!   Still not sure what to do about shoes.  Are CT weddings stuffy?  Then a week shared in Indiana and Pennsylvania.  What do I need there?  What am I talking about, I wear the same clothes everyday.

Tonight, folks are joining me for a great meal.  ANOTHER Last Supper for Alexander in LA, if you will.  (There will be more.)  I have a garden overflowing with basil.  So I emptied my wallet to buy some pine nuts and am going to make a super fresh, chunky, hand chopped pesto tonight.  

This weekend with you and Leah and Jon and Jesse and gang all in tow, I will feel so splendid.  Dressed up with cocktail in hand, I will be in total heaven around you all  !  Leah called this morning, but I was delirious and she was headed into a massage, so I will call her later and see how excited she is to do this crap.  Is she changing her name, do you know?  

Will it be beautiful fall weather in CT?  Leaves changing and all?   A year ago I was in upstate NY for that wedding that you came and dragged me to JFK.  It was another grand time.  

Cleaning and pesto and Dexter and cat and packing to do.  lots. to do. do .  do do do….


funny.  wish I still got this magazine,

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