Suzy: A revolution

What a beautiful evening it is.  I hope that NY and LA and everywhere that everyone is is just as beautiful.  It is the last day of September in San Francisco.  SF experiences an Indian summer and this can often be the most pleasant time of the year.  The fog that attacks in the summer months is what brought Mark Twain to say, “The coldest winter I ever saw was a summer in San Francisco.”

I’ve spent the day slowly walking the streets of the city.  From Nob Hill into Union Square an then a slow stroll down through “SOMA” and into the Mission, my old home.  I’m at my 3rd cafe of the day, taking breaks to sit in Delores Park or a great bookstore.  There are some great bookstores around here and I wish I wasn’t already in the middle of so many other “reading projects” these days and all days.  I look forward to retirement, I do! 

I’m now at Revolution.  A most energetic little spot on 22nd and near Mission.  It’s full of all types and like most San Francisco cafes, they sell wine and beer and come the evening hours, that is what we’re having.  I’m sipping a nice cold Fat Tire that must have been on Happy Hour at $3.   I know some of NY has beer in coffee shops.  But LA and Philly usually do not.  What a shame.


Tell me about the fall evenings in Brooklyn!

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