suzy, i really really enjoyed


Hi Suzy, friends.  It’s a cool, sunny afternoon in San Francisco and I am downtown at Cafe Bean sipping on a Sam Adams.  I just treated myself to a movie and overpriced nachos that come with that delicious spicy yellow cheesey goop.  MMMM.   BURN WITHOUT READING is another crazed movie from the Cohen brothers and I loved it.  All great actors and a hilarious view into the idiotic workings of the American government, of course.  Brad Pitt is always great when he plays a goofy guy and I will never have enough of Francis McDormand.  He, I even enjoyed George Clooney.  

It’s been an ever so special visit in San Fran so far and I always feel home again.  There’s nothing like walking the streets of a place so great.  

See you in just a couple weeks!

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