dear s, things about yale, new york times wedding announcements, and butterflies that love us

I’m trying to picture where you are in the world tonight, Suzanne.  As a sometimes east coaster, I have yet to spend any substantial time around there, CT.   I’m excited to even be seeing the parts I will see at Leah’s wedding in October.  West Hartford, huh?  I remember that blimp of time you were living in that area and being mostly serious.  What was that time?

But it is the Yale thing that really fascinates me.  Yale has always just been a word to me.  I hardly interact with anyone from that thing in my daily life.  Maybe it’s my field.  (What’s my field?)  Or maybe it’s just being out west.  I’m sure much more of Yale-world exists in your geography.  I think you should really spend time out in bars with Yale students.  AND PROFESSORS!  mmmmm!  Or maybe everyone is too smart and nerdy?  But the bars should always be cool.  At least, get some stories from the bartenders.   And find the poor kids!  They must be cool and smart!

Soon you are back to NY, yes?

Now I have just days left in my house in Virginia City, NV.  I am already sad to leave such a place.  And my dad.  I’ll make the best of the next few days (as fucking always) and then be in San Francisco for a super-long-weekend-basically-a-week-real-fast.  I will see Jon and Temple/Philly friends colliding into my California world !!!  Such love!   I am seeing James (the band) in an intimate setting and can not imagine that love.   Then back to LA for a brief few days to see my cat and dying garden and world of friends.  Then is the wedding !!!!!!!!  (Not mine, for those who don’t know…. a friends.  DER.)

So, you know, I haven’t mentioned it in quite some time, and I’ve been off myspace a while and recall I listed it on some bull shit list of crap.  NEW YORK TIMES WEDDING ANNOUNCEMENTS.  Yes, me- Mr. Non Marriage – and not really pro gay marriage – has had this thing for that section for years and years.  Every Sunday’s Style section has 2-3 pages of wedding announcements of the elite New Yorkers (and some others).   I don’t see it every week, but when I’m near a NYTimes or pick one up in LA I go right for it.  

I skip any announcement without a picture.  I like to see the picture.  And I always read first and foremost the gay ones.  Now, I think this weird obsession came when I heard, probably about 5 or 6 years ago (in college) that they would start to include gay mentions.  Marriage or “ceremony”, whatever.   AND now these past months, since CA passed the law, there are a larger amount of gay mentions.  I’d say it’s more than 10%.   That more than the average gay population. Go figure.  Go New York Times!   Then again, maybe the gays are proud and also often of an elite crowd, they are, of course, submitting to the NYT.  DUH.  Hm, I wonder if they charge more?  “$100 surcharge for same-sex announcements.”   And how many of the submitted are printed?  Maybe there is a waiting list.  And now one for fags, too!  We always wanted our own NYTimes wedding announcement waiting list to join!  Super!

Mainly I skim the announcements (of course based on the groom and groom or whatevers picture),  and I look for their ages and positions in life.  I don’t care where they are from or what their parents did, usually.  They are often over 35 and sometimes as old as 60s and they all have that New Yorker job.  Forgive me if this is offensive.  But don’t they all have that doctor-dentist-lawyer-investor-chief resident- professor of government-director of something tag to their life?  Never anything I think I’d be doing.  Where’s the actorcookartistmodeldrunk?   Still, I love it and for pure sentimental value I picture my imaginary wedding announcement in the Times.  I do.  It’s more fun than planning an obit.  Oh, and I love the interracial ones!!!

Speaking of love/weddings/and sentimental bull shit,
I happened upon this today – the Red Admiral Butterfly.

Apparently, this very rare species of butterflies in various parts of North America is friendly to certain humans.  They have a record of making friends with a neighboring human household and happily and routinely stick with a chosen one.  A man retells having one land on his shoulder and spend over an hour with him.  And returning the next day.  They will eat overripe fruit if you give it to them.  It’s like a butterfly CAT!  GET OUT!  Check out the article.  I want like 5 of them.  YES!  An Oregon farm with veggies and cats and dogs all over, AND BUTTERFLIES.  Butterflies at the kitchen table eating fruit.  !!!!  Seriously! 


And speaking of your its-fall-turn-on-the-heat-in-the-hotel, my own personal, local weather is this fucking brilliant time in these mountains. It’s just is lovely.  The summer ends so abruptly in late September.  No – it is now snowy winter yet at all, but it is sunny hot/warm days with a cool breeze that turn into 40 degree nights.  It’s the kind of change you hear the town mummer about.  Thinking about firewood and cool.  A nice costumer at the only market said to the little old lady behind the counter, “Mam, I’ll shut the door behind me when I go”. ” That’d be nice.”, she muttered back, regarding the sunset and cold air.  Tonight I’ll be all warm in bed.  I must mention, I really long for the seasons that LA lacks.  A couple years of pure sunlight is grand but surely we all enjoy socks and sweaters and a warm little bedroom with a nice cigarette and glass of wine as the cool hits the window like an enemy we are so wonderfully protected from in our room.  

I hope you are all somewhere warm in bed soon!

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