wow; places, suzy!

those photos below are just stunning.  i love the first one; the red, your hair.  i’m so proud and jealous of that artist with such an eye.  tell him/her i mean that.  where is more?  

maybe we should create a new heading up top with a page to fill with art?

were you in the british history class taught by the now deceased iranian man?  i forget if you were.  but one day he asked our class of americans why we allow such chaos in our country?  he asked why we aren’t united as one against the war and bush.   i remember i jumped in and noted that america is a country of diversity and choice and therefore much disconnection.   i said that americans want to be “comfortable” and fit in at all times – and so only americans have “pregnant african american yoga”.  “gay olympics”.  “jews for jesus award ceremonies.”

now, freaking GAY JEANS.   can’t we just have jeans, and yoga, and fun and do it all together as one, not seperated by are arbitrary distinctions?


yes, please.

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