suzy: what i sent to iraq

suzy,   i miss your words, but i know you are busy – as i am not as busy, i’ll just double write as much as i can     !!!!!    (also, i am borrowing a fancy slr digital camera and am coming to you with a photo essay of my time here in virginia city, nv.)

so, something i did today was: helped my dad package up vodka and rum with green food dye in mouthwash bottles to send to my half-brother (dad’s first son) who is a major fighting in iraq right now.  apparently, the 2 things u.s. is denied over there, even by our ow government is alcohol and porn.  i don’t know why we didn’t send him any porn, but i smiled as i dropped the box off at the local post office filled with green vodka and rum!  


booze to iraq

booze to iraq

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3 Responses to suzy: what i sent to iraq

  1. cooku says:

    pretty f-ing awesome of you & dad to do that . . . but a bit weird that details of mailing contraband substances are posted right under a letter with his mailing address on it . . .

  2. suzyloves says:

    hahahhahahahhahahahha/ HA, to the above.

    and yes, i think it is really cool, too.

  3. Jason says:

    I hope it is noted to your brother somewhere what the contents actually are…otherwise he may just use it as mouthwash. “Wow, dang! this is powerful stuff!”

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