is what everyone says to each other at Burning Man. And I assure you, Burning Man is home. It’s my new home and I will return …….

YES, friends! I have returned from Black Rock City – a week long utopia. For a week it is the 3rd largest city in Nevada, topping off this year at 49,599. But I’m not sure how/if I can explain what’s out there. I will tell you that a real city is built, loved, lived, shared, kissed, hugged, loved, held, cleansed, perfected, drunk, ate and especially loved in just a few days. Time stops and all people are concerned not with themselves but with the entire community. It is like no place on earth. There is no money, no time, no phones, no hate, no crime. You don’t lock your doors and you can share a bite or a cup or chap stick with a person next to you, as everyone is your friend. Clothes are optional, illegal things are optional, love is all.



Welcome Home!

the caravan into black rock

our camp, the freestyle palace. we camped with a band from san francisco along with a group of lawyers called “lawyers for burners”. in the outside world, they represent the folks who run into trouble on the playa.

a place to relax



THE TEMPLE is one of the most magical, spiritual places out on the playa. it is a place for all to come and make a change. it is covered in notes to lost ones, to god, to anything. there are elaborate memorials. the energy is intense and the temple burns last, the night after the man, and the crowd sits in somber. i left my beloved baby blanket for the universe to take away.




very bruised from a slip-n-slide mishap. or too many slides while drinking tequila. and yes, burt’s bees is duct taped around my neck.



escaping from a dust storm.



art cars!

Black Rock City is 2 places, actually. it is day and it is night. the day is hot and you try to eat and see art and love your friends. you end up in pillow and couch camps putting lotion on your body and sharing something cold. at night, the place glows with life and music and the air cools and the party begins.


boarding the largest art car… a san francisco accordion bus with a boat built on top.

everyone shines.







this tree was my most beloved part of black rock city. it was the closest and brightest thing to my camp and it called to me in the most magical way. it was the first and last stop of each night. it is where i could always be found by friends. it was my “cell phone”. can’t find alexander? check the tree. there i would be, bottle of wine in hand.

dilan, me, sheena, melissa, and friends

the maker of the tree, Squire, a new york city artist, with dilan.

sunrise under the willow.

messages to the world.  somewhere in there it was written: andwelove



i hope i have shared some of the energy and love that i gained at burning man.

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