absence of blogs because of overabundance of other things!

hi alex. hi world. how are you?

i am in greece. that should be a hint that i am doing better than fine;)

i am in aegina, an island about 45 mintues from athens.specifically, here:

just now, at sunset

just now, at sunset

which is: a very nice place the photographer i am working for owns. it was a club, but this island is small and it really didnt succeed as club, so now it is pretty empty. he lives here part of the year. there is an industrial sized kitchen and a cook and a freezer full of ice cream and when i pick out what i want to eat i feel like i am picking whatever i want from the entire supermarket! i have a nice room and it is cool to be in this quiet and beautiful place. and, also, we are taking very cool pictures!

why i came to greece

why i came to greece

view from poolside

view from poolside

here is a blog post that i wrote while on my flight:***

i dont have internet so i cant blog. but, i will copy and paste this soon.

i brought a phrase book from the 70s and the tao teh ching with me. thats it. you know many things i have backlogged to read in life. and that. that is what i brought:)

drinking red wine. waiting for them to call boarding for my flight. once on flight, will drink again. then sleep. then be over the ocean. yeah yeah yeah.

the tao ching is the best best best. it really is. i mean, i KNOW we all know this. but. really. i want to sleep and wake with it at all moments.

its all exactly as i predicted; i just awoke, after glasses of wine.
i am in the ocean under barcaleno, under a place called the gulf of lion which i never knew existed.

some sentences from lyrics from the ipod i was listening to for hours on the flight:
“you need enemies to get you out of bed in the morning”
” ..umm i had another one that was better than that but just forgot.

i am also above algiers. romantic sounding, huh?

for some reason i flew in a dress and heels. ABSOLUTLY odd, no? ive been flying in like the worst yogapants i owned and flipflops for as long as i can remember. i think in the the back of my mind i was probably paranoid that they would look at all the clothes, esp. lingerie, i was bringing, and say how you are staying and id say a week, for holiday, and they would think it sounded fishy. and then i would say, no, ok, im actually going to model, i was hired by an artist to come for  a week, and they would look at me in old yogapants and glasses and say yeah sure. and call the customs patrol or something. so now here i am above the ocean in a cute dress and black heels. weird.

i think i am flying further than moscow, from this map they keep showing. i need to ask dustin. that sounds not right, but i think it may be true. no no no no not true at all. just looked at the map more correctly. but still, im going sort of far.

i had heard this thing on NPR about how to prevent jetlag and the crucial point was something about eating breakfast- either to make sure you ate breakfast at the normal time for you, OR at the normal time at the place you are traveling to, even if it is like 3 am or 230 pm where you are arriving, or vice versa. however, i cant remember which of the two options it is. and that is kind of the important point…

near rome now. if going to london i would be there already.
i want to stop by all these places on the way home, of course. i am plotting out fantasic routes in my mind. sassari, next destination!

ahh man. so many places and so many reasons to go EVERYWHERE. and meet all the everyones.

the place i live this week

the place i live this week

About suzyloves

i am flowers on the side of the road. 'yes' and 'joy' are important to me. i may not re-read what i write, and i never won a spelling bee, but i do hope you enjoy. the world is getting larger, and i fear our 'human-ness' is growing smaller. this is my attempt to connect. i do love you and i do miss you, so this is my hand reaching out so we can all be love <3
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One Response to absence of blogs because of overabundance of other things!

  1. Jason says:

    The secret is to only eat breakfast…the whole trip…just eat breakfast food and your body will always think you’ve just awakened from a good night’s sleep.

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