“here” i am, suzy (and other things worth mentioning!)

yeah, i’m not really ever sure, though, right?   i like that pervy picture there – was it part of a series, are there more? 

my ride north from la took about 9 hours because of some confusion on my part in the very beginning and very end.  not that i haven’t made the trip, but you’d be surprised how much some walmarts and housing developments can change the look of a place.  missed some turns.  actually made a right turn in carson city that seemed exactly where i wanted to be headed and it was into a walmart parking lot.  wrong turn for sure.

on the road.










my little blue house in the desert for a couple months.  this is the same space i lived the summer after college working nearby and leading the quiet life.   it’s a magical place.   fucking magic.


so now envision my sitting around and being happy.  this is the greatest place to smoke cigarettes and drink coffee and wine all hours of the day or even in bed at night.  this is the place to stop and relax and read, write, think, meditate… i love it here.  this is the house i wrote most of the white journal of mine you read and kept then gave back.  i haven’t reopened it yet.  i’m afraid!

the sounds here consist only of wind and the occasional passing car.  oh, and occasional train – the virginia-truckee RR, oh and occasional big bearded motorcycle posse… 



MESSAGE GRAFFITI!   http://www.writtenonthecity.com  – a phenomenon coming out of SF’s mission district and spreading throughout cities now part of a web and book compelation…  i remember years ago seeing stenciled sidewalk messages appear around 24th and valencia.  things like “i love you”  or  this one i shot a pic of in 05..



 THIS ARTICLE from GOOD magazine titles “save the earth with dirty towels”.  i love it. 
          haha.  “To make ice, fill your ice bucket with water and wait for winter.” 

THIS BOOK.   Totally interested in reading this…

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