suzy, i’m only passing through my

house and city another day or so.  on the go.go.go i am.  


if you ever have the chance to spend some time there, you will get all that!    i mean what else do you expect from a big cabin in the woods filled with 14 care-free, happy-go-lucky, health-food, alcohol loving homosexuals.  

yes yes yes!

things happening now:

i have a whole lot of big yummy tomatoes and for lunch i will make a very fresh yummy blt wrap.  i can’t stop thinking about food!  speaking of, i’m home watching that chef reality show.  top knife, or whatever.  i had never seen it in my life, as i barely turn on the television (looking forward to not having it).  it’s pretty dramatic for tv value, of course, but it’s exciting nonetheless.  and i like the concepts of the challenges…  but also, there are these oddly placed GLAD products everywhere.  even when the contestants are interviewed, there are big yellow boxes of glad bags stuffed all over the place.  its quit distracting.  but for some reason, i feel the need to buy over priced ziploc bags today.  

im packing for the time in tahoe/virginia city as well as the week of it i’m at burning man.  and i have all kinds of great materials and clothes and scarves and body paint and glowing jewelry and toys and gifts and fun in a box!   

and tomorrow i will drive the 8 hours up to my dad’s in virginia city… i will be writing a lot and keeping everyone up to date on all my upcoming experiences….   


(from you suzy), this pin is coming with me.

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