driving, peace

Suzy, this is the beautiful 8 hour drive I’m on tomorrow – Echo Park, CA to Virginia City, NV…..  through the Mojave Desert and then up into the Sierras, just along the outside of Yosemite…  the drive is very truck-free and mostly alone on long stretches or curvy mountains.  Lakes, rivers.  Every so often the “highway” reduces speeds to 30, to 20, to 15MPH and you roll though little towns like Bishop, CA and Independence, CA (isn’t that fucking cool?) and there you will usually find one red light (sometimes blinking yellow), one bar, one market and a few antique shops.   It’s just a dream.  There is barely any cell service, so it isn’t a phone calling kind of drive.. its all about music and silence and beauty..   see you all on the other side…

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One Response to driving, peace

  1. john says:

    I’ve done this drive; the pines and the rivers that cut through the Sierras are amazing.

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