suzy, 5 or 6 years!

suzy wrote:  “and its great that i am going to get to spend time with leah and bri in rhode island this weekend. aw. maybe we will call you drunk. ha. i cant believe we have all known each other 5, 6 years… wow. where will we be in 5 or 6 years? still getting drunk and calling each other, probably.”


speaking of drunk, GOOD MORNING!  
q: is chardonnay and orange juice a drink?



I enjoy it sometimes when I am too hectic/bored/whatever/away to write on ANDWELOVE but you are all active and shit so I can check in quickly all the time and see your life, but keep putting off my time writing. Well here it is.   I’m home with “Morning becomes eclectic”… (I tell LA people your story of the NYguy who said he hated LA and everything about it, OH! except that cool indy radio station).

I’m home and cleaning.  Cleansing.  Garbaging – I got on the roll of cleaning stuff/clothes/crap outta my life.  I am leaving my sanctuary for an even longer time away next week.  A couple months at my dad’s house in the Reno/Tahoe area.  And just in case I rent my room or just in case I ever move somewhere or just in case it will just make me feel better I got in that wonderful mood to get rid of crap.  It’s so easy to do when you’re in the mood, all of a sudden things become valueless… almost a nuisance.  “I saved this stupid magazine with some celebrity on it for what reason?”   Was I ganna colage?  Sell it on ebay?  I actually hate Tom Cruise! 

I’m also packing/packing.  I’ll be 2 months in Virginia City, NV but a week of that is Burning Man, so I’m lists lists lists, trying to organize what comes with me, what is already there, what to buy here, what to buy there… lists.   OH! And I’m camping in Big Bear, CA this weekend, that must be planned for.  Well not so much camping but cabin renting.  HAHA!

Doesn’t that look nice?

And yes, I did just get back from Myrtle Beach, SC.  OH BOY!  Some tan, blonde, underage boys there! HAHA, no mostly my big crazed family having big crazed fun.   Eating Krispy Kremes for breakfast (with hats), Parasailing over the warm atlantic, and eating southern specialties such as “low country boil”, which consists of corn, potatoes, shrimp, and sausage boiled in Old Bay, strained and dumped out onto the table and eaten with hands.  See for yourself……

So, as always or just for the first time I am all over the place.  Maybe travel writing should be a path of mine? 

NY sounds good and great and always crazy.  I was having taco night with friends last night and the big “city” conversation came up – this time regarding LA, NY, and Portland among a crowd of people from all over the place.  And I’m always reminded of your comment to me re: LA/NY and the love/hate folks apply to them and that you don’t understand the idea of “hating” a city.  A city is a city and it’s your experience that makes it something meaningful or perhaps not meaningful.  So true, and these experiences change.  Remember when Leah said she had to leave NYC before becoming hateful?  Maybe I’m dealing with the same here in Los Angeles.  Or maybe because I feel change I’m just creating a new story about the place.  

Here’s something good.  GARDENING!

I have neglected to update and photograph my growing garden out back.  But it gave me some great things and quickly….  only about 10-15 delicious snow peas (didn’t you have one?) but not enough to make a meal.  However, I have endless basil, tomatoes, dill going.  I have 6 carrots for fun, they are cute and I will eat them all in a day I’m sure.  The most exciting has been the beets.  Not a ton of them but I love beets so much, including the greens, I was so excited to pull it out of my own soil, boil it a bit and fry up the greens.  I even, once, has some beet greens fried with bacon!  YUM!  Weird though right, bacon with garden grown greens!  I just pulled my last and smallest little guys.  The tomatoes will go all summer and I’m sure they’ll get eaten while I’m out of town.


OH!  So, as you know or don’t I’m going to spend some time in NV at my fathers while he isn’t feeling so well and I’ll be able to help out and have a break from, – well, a break.   And seeing that October 11th date fast approaching I booked my flight in for Leah’s wedding.  I’ll be at dad’s through early October, drive fast to LA and fly out the 9th into Philly.  BURBANK!  and will be seeing you, I’m sure the next day!

When is fun in RI with those gals?  Please tell them LOVE and everything about visiting in LA.

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