i finally got my first issue

of GOOD magazine suzy!!!   (especially after that “i ordered all my friends GOOD magazine debacle”)

and just in fucking time to get on a red eye flight to myrtle beach, south carolina…  that is after i spend a few hours at the pool in griffith park.

i’ll be back east/south there with my family of 15 (or more?) hanging on the beach sitting in my 70s short shorts and eating all kinds of bad foods and maybe even ice cream once day.  and me being me, i’ll be put in charge of blender and alcohol, thats okay – i like the whirr of the blending and the whirr of all my people living together like it was another century in time or something.   a WHOLE family, ALL together?

makes me happy slash anxious.  


did you all like the love love love song?  i have it on repeat.  


perhaps i might be away from andwelove for a few days.  see if anyone notices!


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