dear “back to ny s”

1 – please write more about modeling in la, yes!.  

2 – i LOVE that shot my iPhone got of ALL IS.  beautiful.

3 – now you know where i am as i write to you.  (this moment on the big red couch with breeze going). who else knows it?

4 – we didn’t sit to rewrite the “WHY WE LOVE” – i had it for 2 years, do you want to take over and redo for time being? or we can draft something?!  surprise me!

5 – i was just writing an email to someone and i felt unsure of my use of the word “impede”.  just couldn’t believe i was using it right, seeing how i can google faster than i can wack off these days, i read immediately away that it was exactly what i thought it was and i used it correctly – i’m going to trust my intellectual instincts more often, i think.  

6 – it was wonderful to have you here suzy.  wonderful for us to go that far out of our way to live together briefly.  especially you, you know i always end up in NY cause the whole life/family draws me to the east coast.  otherwise, who knows how often i would come just. for. you.    –  so thank you.   do we publish and discuss those ideas of my friend to sleep together and write our separate experience.    can i write about how you were mad that it wasn’t going to happen.  well you already mentioned all the almost-orgies.  ha.  california!  there was some skinny dipping in a holiday inn in goleta, ca.  tell that to your friends.    and i want to know why you have friends that think our blog is between lovers.  weird.  i’m so glad you saw the short stop bar.  its, like, such the place i’d want suzy to see in la.  thanks for eating fish and dairy these days with me, and not grimacing when i eat strange, but still healthy meats.  sorry my cat was sometimes mean to you, he does it to everyone.  we forgot to hike, but you forgot shoes.  could have got them at a thrift store.  you never saw a movie studio, and didn’t need it.  which is good for me.  there was smoke and traffic, but at least you’ve been in numerous pools, fields, mountains!  was very fun.  i want to your pro/con la conversation again, and the photographer’s talk about la rich people.          love.  

7 – i bought tom’s apricot deoderant today to replace the one i used up.  i wish i had kept track of how long that thing last, but my mind doesn’t remember information like that. i might have had that old deoderant 6 months or 2 years. no clue.  i guess if i reveal to all that i bought deodorant today, then i can put the date i bought it in stone.   (deodorant=7/23)

9 – suzy, be proud your presence inspired so much change and desire and knowledge in me.  as you know.  it has truly put me in a good mood.  usually i get briefly depressed when a long weekend of guests and friends and parties comes to an end.  but you just put me in motion to find something and find it now.  i might have!  thanks for that!  

10 – you know we hate numbers/time/and mathematical concepts yet something led me to tell you just 10 things tonight.   huh.  so anyway,  ALL  IS  !   isn’t it ?    i’ll be having my white taco night tomorrow – we’ll be eating the true american taco and drinking beer – hard shell, ground beef, iceberg lettuce and cheddar cheese (pre-shredded)(hey, did you know the word pre-shredded would be hyphenated?), and that orangish taco sauce.   delicious!  then friday, i’ll be headed to my premiere weekend in portland.  i think i will bring my little computer to inspire me to do some writing to everyone.  we’ll see, i might be drunk the whole time.  

10b.  good night. 

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