suzy you are in the hollywood hills

but i am back on the couch and its like any other day except tonight i will see you again and we will go to santa barbara and be merry.  i think i might walk over the echo park farmer’s market today so we don’t have to rush tomorrow.  im very excited for everything, tonight, saturday, sunday… LIFE! 

i really like the photographer you are working for right now.  because of you and her i’m home online talking to my portland friends and looking at the culinary schools up there.  look how fast life can change.  my stomach gets all giddy at that thought and i haven’t felt that in a while.  not since i knew after school i’d be out west.  and back in school?


and i was thinking, i’ve i settle in portland our stories here will be skewed.  you can’t stay in nyc you have to move somewhere smaller and as obscure – Savannah?   haha.  

change the world!

(new york/la – they don’t need us)





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