dear suzy in ny,

There is always helicopters overhead in my area of L.A.  It’s not all crime, mostly that we are close to downtown and also close to a major network of hospitals. And crime.  But what crime is at 1 in the afternoon?

I listened to your friend on iTunes.  I couldn’t get myspace to work.  Maybe cause I’m not a member?  How is that shittyspace anyway?

Just retuned from San Francisco for almost a week.  (See: “Why I’m Never in LA” May ’08) 

Just love it there, Suzy.. much laughter and love and not even any fireworks.  Didn’t take enough pictures but sure cracked up fully.  (No the drug, crack – or too much of it.)  

Here’s one to crack you up.  The post-Delores Park-impromptu party thrown at the place being housesat by a friend in Bernal Hill might have the funniest of evidence:

When a last minute pizza/beer run was happening, a case of Beck’s returned.  We drank the case away and when cleaning the last of bottles in the morning I took a closer look….

OOPS!  I guess it saved us from being and more loaded.  But what a waste of calories, seriously.


I’m off to the coffeeshop this afternoon.
I’m reading this book – click for details.

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