yes. yes. yes.!

SUZY!  you should most surely look at acting as a path.   and i don’t suggest because of creativity or art, but if you have that special thing then you can be living a life traveling the world and making more than you make a year in a 3 week move bit.  and royalties!  oh, its just a wonderful life.  i don’t have that “thing”, but i see it all around me.   come to la, we’ll talk la.

WAIT!  YOU ARE COMING TO LA!  finally.  july 17!  yes!  2 weeks from today.

la. you and me. 

maybe i won’t even have a job, that would be great.

i’m leaving in moments for the bob hope airport – thats where your coming! and take the 1 hour flight to oakland.  one drink, one magazine. perfect.  

have a happy usa holiday!

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