dear suzy back in ny. i googled that shirt.

is this the T you meant?  i like it, would make a good statement in a lot of places.  i might make stickers!
(i’m so into stickers, or about to be.)

So I’m glad Toronto was funfun.  I haven’t spend any time as an adult there, or anywhere in Canada anyway.  It stays so quiet up there and that is so refreshing.  I forget its only a few powerfucker countries that insist on getting involved in every damn thing and waving big arms and dicks and weapons all over the place.    Aw, sweet Canada!  

Did you know due to global warming, southern parts of Canada are gearing up to start making wine!  And with the gays and all, what a Utopia!


I’m home listening to the White Stripes.  Its only noon or something and my job this week has me going to and fro various places in LA but mostly sitting at home waiting.  I’m going to bake brownies.    I’m eating beets and cheese for lunch.   And drinking grapefruit juice.  

I wanted to show you these pictures from last weekend.  I went to the Hollywood Forever Cemetery Screening.  (remember I told you about this sometime last summer when I went to see PeeWee)  It’s a pretty hip film event on Saturdays in Hollywood (yes, in the cemetery) and it requires a lot of waiting in line for hours.  It’s almost like tail gating, the movie as at 9 and the crowd on the front lawn and sidewalk begins to form around 3, 4 o click – depending on the movie (and weather).  This VERY hot day and we got there around 4, maybe after wit coolers and bags full to the brim of eats and drinks.   And Hey!, looks like my posse was just a few behind the start of the line.  We were ensured front row grass once the gates opened at 7.   The heat was too much to bare, apparently because before long I found myself sitting in a kiddy pool, filled and moved from the cemetery faucet (THANKS GUARDS!).  


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