dear LAAlex

hey- suzy is toronto is amazingly busy. she is here for work not play, she just realised, two days in, and now she is so tired every morning she can barely move. modeling is tiring, seeing new cities is tiring, especially when the way one likes to explore is by walking. 

however, i will be home and have time on monday to recap. i think i scored (some big) return modeling gigs here, and i *may be returning, and also going to vancouver island in september. come with come with. im thinking about taking one year “off” from office life to model. have i told you that yet? is that pure insanity?? discuss. 

i dont have pics from this trip yet, i dont have concrete stories to write yet, but all i can say is that traveling anywhere makes me feel more alive. awake. aware. afloat. 


ps- modeling site: (mine- but you cant see the nudes, which are half my work.) (JOIN alex join!!!) 


About suzyloves

i am flowers on the side of the road. 'yes' and 'joy' are important to me. i may not re-read what i write, and i never won a spelling bee, but i do hope you enjoy. the world is getting larger, and i fear our 'human-ness' is growing smaller. this is my attempt to connect. i do love you and i do miss you, so this is my hand reaching out so we can all be love <3
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