Dear Toronto Suzy,

So why can’t you tell us more about Toronto.  Are you without the internet.  I didn’t think much of the world was left “without the internet”, so you must be super-busy. Which is great.  Again, WHAT is that modelling website, I was to join.

Warm in L.A. and it just a moment ago got dark.  Dark dark.  And I had to turn just one light on in the house.  That and computer screen glow.   Warm.  

Weeknights from 8-10PM on KCRW (my XPN) a guy named Jason Bently DJ’s this amazing block of amazing trance/funk, pretty trippy music.  I want him to fill my iPod.   You could stream it sometime when your going to bed, 11 and on, your time.  Which seems like a better time for trance anyway.

IT’S FRIDAY ! And usually that wouldn’t mean much to me, the often unemployed man that I am.  But I just completed an ENTIRE M-F work week.  PHEW!  That was nuts, can’t believe people constantly do that.  EVERY MORNING at 9 ALL WEEK. ???   Just wacky!   Next week 4 days and short hours, then SF for the 4th and back to no work in LA a couple weeks.  HAHAHAHA!   Since my office is totally wrapped and closed (TV show productions are like the Circus, sweeping through and then disappearing like a carnival drives off.  Leaving behind just the silence of an empty office, a few pencils and staples left behind.)  The fleeting feeling is something I like about my work. Next week I’m working for the writers as the last touches are made on the show before it’s final cut is handed over to ABC.  I’ll be working basically from my car and post-production houses.  

I’m having some Sake.  I met this lovely girl at the Upright Citizens Brigade comedy club a while back and of all the drinks to sneak in for the show she had heaps of cheapo sake.  I was so intrigued and she I exchanged stories and I vowed to try making sake my drink of choice sitting round the house.  It’s basically healthy, right?  And good.  And a wine-sized bottle for 3 bucks can be found at Trader Joes.  

The gay pride parade in Toronto will be very exciting I bet, very international city it is, right?  Well the gay in general are international, by genetics or something.  

This is going to be a health and wellness weekend.  Only because I’m so rarely in L.A. for a weekend.  It’s my chance to do Sat and Sunday morning yoga.  Farmer’s market, eat out with the yogis.  Enjoy.  Sip sake.  I want nothing more.

I WANNA SEE WALL-E.  I DO I DO!  I am hearing wonderful things.  Read this amazing review from Times!





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