Does it sound like something is wrong with that announcement. I think it sounds sexy. But here’s what’s sexy, my vegetable garden…. I’ve included photos finally.

HERE IS BEFORE, on the side of my LA house…

HERE IS TODAY!!  2 months later, I have all those big tomatoes…, and the beginning life 
of carrots, beets, basil, snow peas, dill, butter lettuce.  Except snails got to my butter lettuce and
I put a stop to that and started again.





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  1. Robin says:

    oh YAY, Alex!!! Congrats on the birth. As the little embroidered thingy outside the entry door of the house where I’m staying says, “Life begins when you plant a garden.” And so it is.

    A tip on the snails / slugs: get some tiny dishes… you know, like the little ones that you put a side sauce in, or even an ashtray could work. Set it into the soil so that the edge is almost level with the dirt. It should be something little buggies can accidentally climb on and then fall into. OK, ready? fill it with beer. The cheapest beer you can find works beautifully. Fill it at night so it doesn’t evaporate or get hot and stinky. In the morning… voila! You’ve drowned your snail and slug pests.

    Don’t worry, it’s not inhumane. They get drunk before they drown, so they die pretty happy 🙂

    let me know how it works for you!

    Love you, my dear! xoxox

  2. Robin says:

    oh, I may not have made clear… put one on either side of the plants that are getting eaten, or just spread 6 or 8 throughout the bed. Dump them in the morning and do it again each night.

    Drink the leftovers 🙂


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