weather and politics and salsa

dear S and NY,

I’m in the valley region of Los Angeles, always known for its hot desert heat that does not feel the breeze of the Pacific.  It’s 105 where I am and higher deeper north.   The car and the bank both read 105 while I drove around this morning.  MORNING.  It’s 1PM now and should subside.  Hoping in heat. 

Listen, I’m a little confused about the REAL relationship between politicians.  So now Hillary is going to “campaign with” Obama and bring the party together. (Let’s not even look ahead to her maybe being VP).  I just want to know, with all the arguing and competing and back stabbing, are they just still friends. When it’s all over does H really say to O, “great for you man, I’m not at all let down or angry, so I’ll just ride along with you now….”    Do they have each others cell phone numbers or what?    I know that if I had that kind of one on one pressure with another person and their entire movement (all I can compare to is a real hard to leave relationship), I wouldn’t have the kind of face to just “be cool”, like they do with each other all the time. 

I found a way to basically make salsa into a meal, like, eaten with a fork…


1 bowl
1 can black beans
1 can yellow corn
2-3 chopped tomatoes
1 diced carrot
1-2 diced jalapenos
1 diced radish, if available
1 diced scallion or onion, whiver available
1 whole squeezed lemon or lime
chile powder
top with shredded chedder cheese and eat with a fork. 

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