home to

well, one of my homes. kitty, garden. I PROMISE GARDEN PICTURES ASAP. Tivo, stereo.

I drove 420 miles home, 7 hours. Averaged 48 MPG and never filled up once – I never even stopped, as I made a deal with my bladder that if the car didn’t need gas then I didn’t need to pee.

It’s fucking HOT in LA.. I know not like YOUR hot, but its all relative, and its very rare living here to EVER have to sleep over the sheets.. and remember – the average person here does not have A.C. We have a big box fan.

Just this morning I was shirtless near the roses and something REALLY weird got stick in me. Like a tiny bug or probably just something from a plant, poinker-like and I had to YANK it out with my finger nails and it is one of the worst pains ever. I’m still sitting in pain on the couch with a big red bump.

I’m going to run the errands and do the playing outside thing now.

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