is on my table and i am glad i am drinking it. its a shiraz and cheap one at that. oh, and with the new modern screw caps.  im drinking right from the bottle at 3pm.  i’m headed for a visit with my friends paul and maxine, they live down the street and they are french and in their 50s.

my father had 3 wives and always liked to say he was on a “one kid per wife” road, though this does not apply to the last and probably never will.   my older (half)brother is in the army or some sector of, he has been to iraq and now is headed again in a few weeks.  he is a pilot and does not support the war. anyway, he has his own cessna plane and he flew his wife and new baby here to see our dad (they are korean, i have a little korean (half) niece).    YES, ! my racist of a father cant help to smile at his korean grand child.  who ever would of thought!

i’m driving back to la tomorrow and not thrilled… but going.  i have to return my borrowed prius to its owner (is prius a household word yet? or only where i live? is it like kleenex for tissue, all prius is a hybrid but not all hybrid is prius??)  

then i have to find work agin, suzy – i need to talk to you on the phone, i want more details about your crazy free lance life.  your always working yet not ever working but going to or from work and it always different.  i want that life.  and whats the modelling web site?  maybe ill model in la.  i’d even do porn i think, just solo stuff.

i applied to participant media… good company, they made inconvenient truth and others.  

i’m chugging the wine

check this link fast, if it works..

it should bring up my road trip i’m doing tomorrow.  i just LOVE driving around the country.  

wine’s gone.  



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