mexico, and why i love it

hi suzy:  so this is why i love mexico, and many other not-the-us’s…   in mexico you wouldn’t see a commercial like this, one that i just saw:

a woman announces, smiling at the camera, that she, like all of us would soon be receiving the governments “stimulus package checks” in the mail shortly.  she then said this check will be a wonderful thing for me and my family, especially if i cash it at wal-mart, where it will be cashed for free and can be applied towards a wal-mart visa.          

SIGH.  really?  this whole stimulus package came from wal-mart?!  really, people?

i loved the mexico had no rules.  no waivers to snorkel fairly off shore.  instructions from the “guide”… nah!  just park the boat and we jump out.   lines and millions of unsightly, distracting yellow and other roadsings?  NAH, why bother?  just drive on the road and avoid smashing into other cars. thanks.  

smoke cigarettes?  SURE!  just smoke kindly not sitting next to children or non smokers.     take your everything off and spend the day nude on the beach, exposed to all other folks, also exposed.  suddenly, we are all the same really, aren’t wee.   penis’s, vaginas.  ta tas.   oh mexico!


jilly and i meant in cancun, i also had with me wonderful friends from where else but echo park, la.  
hours in a van down to the cabanas, drivers listening to milli vinilli.  yes!    we find our own cabana just before the night sky.  before needed flashlights to live by night.  mostly, though, the mood and candles did the trick.  

skin to the sun in the sand by day.  with iced beers and refreshing kayaking rides.    by night, games of scrabble and tequila over fine foods, some i’ve never seen.  MEXICO!    

cabanas copal, near tulum.  old mayan territory.   spiritual and mystifying lands.   yoga every morning and then the sun…

this was the kind of trip to be repeated over and over, second by second, like a bad film remake.  but good.


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