hi suzy, i have neglected this for so many months now..

what things can i tell you about?  yes, good bye to myspace, i feel so very free.   can’t explain what made me so angry.  but fuck fox as well.  

i’m leaving for mexico tomorrow.  i’m packed and set and restless in a cool house.  yesterday i turned 26, i think you left me a nice voicemail.  lots of nice people left nice voicemails and thats great.  

over that 25 hump.  you know me and time, i like aging. sorta.  but my body is showing weird little signs.  i think we are at a pretty high point physically and this might be the time that changes.  little bones and joints hurt and ache in new ways, in ways that used to last only a second, but now linger on just a wee bit longer.  ouch.  ow.

jill is meeting me and 2 friends in cancun tomorrow evening, we’re renting a car and driving south to tulum where i have a cabana on the beach all set up.  what is this life i lead?  so crazy?

i still can’t believe we cross paths in philly… 

come in july.




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