interesting bits:

-gallop polling exists on the premise that 1500 people, if diversely represented, can accurately portray america (3 million people).   hmmmmm
-there is a strain of swedish gangs that are hiding dwarves in luggage on european bus rides who steal passangers belongs in carriage and return to their sac before arrival!
-blair may head the eu?
-there are recent showings of super high mercury in blue fin tuna sushi.  damn it.  but should we even care?
-cell phone use before bed can cause insomnia
– don’t give gift cards:  $8 billion of the $97B bought in gift cards (visa, amex, etc) goes unused and profited to the companies, all in leftover unspent “change”.  where can u use a credit card for $1.07?   
-mountain lions are currently the number one human predator in north america
-the average commuter will sped 40 hours a year in traffic.  is that all that much?
-LAX has one of the most efficient and quick airport security set ups
-the best: did you now unclaimed baggage lost on airlines is eventually sold to a private company in alabama who sells contents to the public at profit to the airlines.  ! 
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