suzy and friends and world!
its a lovely thursday morning in los angeles.  oddly, this time of year it stays colder in the house than outside in the sun.  an odd paradox about winter in la.  “winter”.       though, long about noon, i am in bed with coffee.  (you don’t have peete’s coffee in the east, its a west coast chain that is BRILLIANT!  the coffee is amazing and did i ever tell you i only drink coffee if i make it because i make it by the cup with one-cup-at-a-time filter system and hot water.. THE BEST) 
hm. anyway.  that was borderline boring.  even my cat jumped off the bed and left.
hoping not to jinx this all, but the writers strike is winding down and there are talks that we could be back to work in just days, which would be shocking and wonderful!  i hate to say that I MISS MY DESK IN MY OFFICE ON THE WARNER BROS LOT….  
all i have accomplished with all this free time had been a lot of cooking, a good amount of reading, a very deep sense of peace with my life (yes, that happened), and catching up on movies and tv.  (are you watching “its always sunny in philadelphia”, its FAB)
i miss you suzy.  !  we never get on the phone.  why?   so, all i know is if i do work, it’ll be until early summer.. hen guess what…  i waste my life by coming back to ny for a bit!
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