clunk friday

i walk my house with clunky shoes that clunk clunk on the hardwood floors

there are people here, but it is quiet and i wonder if i am home?
its a curious evening and me,
all restless from the afternoon drinking coffee drinks, or variations of
and it makes me like the sound of the clunk clunk on the hardwood floors
it’s a curious night and i am feeling curious now, too
i heard music today and i only wanted to hear it again, and
with this house of wires and plugs, i can
the afternoon of coffee and now a diet coke,
i laugh noticing that i use the laundry area as “storage” for soft-drink cases
i haven’t seen this since childhood,
usually in my friends parent’s pantries. or basements-
cases of soft-drinks going clunk clunk on the pantry floor.
i noticed the sky turned dark, dark blue to black at 5:49, wondering
if it really is noticeable later and later as we near spring.
i will forget to look tomorrow,
and the day after that. i will always forget to check.
this whole past week has been curious to me,
and, me curious.
this past week has been reminding me of some other time, a time of mine.
maybe 6, 7, 8 years ago.  so long ago, to me
and i’m thinking of it and remembering what night was like for me then
when the sun was going down and i was starting a night
i remember how most would start, how they would end.
how long they would last
how well i would sleep afterwards
it seems long ago – 6, 7, 8 years – it seems so different now,
my nights, how they are spent.
but those nights too, my shoes clunk clunked on the hardward floors,
in the quiet
when people were around or when they weren’t 
clunk. clunk on a friday night.  alone in my room with the same sounds and images
as a night 6, 7, 8 years ago.
its curious to me whether or not things are any different.  
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