idle me

i don’t know i fill up such empt space time with more nothing?!  does this make sense?  i’m asking how i manage to watch the sun go down and the day become night time after time, another day passing and me, idle and submissive.  hey this is not a bad thing at all… i’m kept company by my house and all these offerings she has.     today the power went out as i was nodding off in front of the television.  i went outside did the circuit breaker  thing but a neighbor confirmed i wasn’t alone.   what could i do? no tv, no music, no internet.  i was hungry.. i’mm make some bacon.  wait, no stove, just gas pouring out of the burners.  i’ll have soup, use the microwave.  MICROWAVE! they’re electric, too!  damn.  what isn’t?  my pillows and sheets aren’t  … most of the reading materials around aren’t.  my cat definitely isn’t.  yoga by candlelight?    uh, i sat idle, rather.  

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