back from somewhere….

im back.  back to LOS ANGELES.  back west.  back in 08.  back with a spanking new macbook.  back to the drawing board, back to nothing, back to something, back to everything and not sure what else i have forgotten to come back too.  i’m back to cooking, back to wine (never left).  i’m back to my front porch, back to t-shirts back with new shoes and sunglasses.  i’m back to politics, back to myspace and back to my cat.  i’m back to love and back to sharewith the new computer, i’m back to the letter Z.. z. Z! ZZZZ!, a wonderful letter of the alphabet that was nearly impossible to use the past 6 months.happy tidings of new and clean to you!  i’ve always loved new years for some reason.  i’ve never been to particular about what i do on that evening, but i always enjoy the one night a year that we as americans are actually supposed to find a party and get pretty drunk.   how was scotland for that?  i always think about the fact that i can mostly recall all my new years nights and locations and group of folks give or take for at least the last 8 or 9 years.  and before that i think i was home with my family anyway.    i think way black in blog past i listed my lat few.  this was my first one in the east coast in a few years now an the first one single in a while.  RANK! but it was a grand one with no pressure and standing in the dark at a bon fire when i looked at my iThing for the time and announced to the crowd it was midnight, no one seemed to react with much enthusiasm or that.  instead the fan was in us all, not in the clock.  i was happy and calm in kempton, pennsylvania near kutztown.  OH THAT Z!   it mainly shared my evening at various farm houses either near bon fires or kitchens, sometimes long snowy walks from one to the other and back again.  i remember a lot of conversations and  lot of front porches.  a lot of cigarettes and plenty of cold cans of beer, direct from the frigid east coast air. suzy, it was nearly a month ago already that i plopped all dirty and messy into your life in brooklyn, but i’m so glad i did.  i loved entirely out long conversations and statements at the bar with dustin.  we compared celebrity to the bible and yet i force fed the crowd my random B celebrity voicemails.  (i think one night drunk soon after i deleted all traces of these, as to stop embarrassing myself.)  new york was wonderful for me as always and i had to apologize for my state when my lovely aunt and 3 year old cousin picked me up at the dover train station.  at the newark train station, a handsome young man approached me to use a light.  we got to talking. he was from switzerland and i think i fell in love, sadly our trains were headed in opposite directions.  the long and homey stay in PA was fine.  i spent many a nights on the windy roads between friends and bars and family and always in a different strange and cold car.    at the very last moment i sucked up my disgust with commercial holidays and just made the best of it, often disappearing into magazines or season 3 of Lost.  sometimes i just slept all day!   i finished it all off with a grand time with the usual crew in philadelphia.  Jill has the most fabulous manyunk  apartment and i want to move in!  that small town is wonderful and it kept me her and jon up until the wee dancing to bell and sebastian on the hardwood floors.  you were long gone in scotland by the time leah briana devin and the fun folks all made the abbaye into our own party as always.  we missed you.tonight, i have been back to LA for a week.  the writers are still striking and a change is not in store.  for now, i decompress and begin the thoughts of new work.  or costa rica?!   for now, there is free lance and reality and all kinds of gruesome but high paying work in this biz.  ZZZZ BIZZ!  when is our next love affair?  bring D HERE, or we all go to russia.tonight i am making an everything chile.  i forget sometimes how many things i can cook up at the drop of a moment, knowing i keep my produce drawer and  spice cabinet pretty full at all times.  i put all the goodies in a crock pot to simmer a good 3 hours or so.  extra spice and love! 

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