oh and by the way…

people are constantly worried what the others are thinking and we forget we are just another-other to the ones we’re so concerned about…   being said, as you wrote about your chopstick mishap, some chinese lady in some back room somewhere was thinking to herself: “shit, i just realized i left chopsticks out of order 82 earlier today, what was i thinking, i hope that sweet customer made do.”

donchya think?

i love your new york stories.   new york is the city of stories that are so classic to new york, they can be told over and over again… must have something to do with amount of fictional literature and film set there, when such a small population of the world lives there. so small. actually, i’d like to know that number.

a chunk of the population of los angeles have just suddenly lost all their jobs.
or maybe it seems much more extreme, as  i am so close to it. its the cover of the world around me, not to mention out my window.   2 more days looking at this window, than i’m back to whatever we all go back to.  what am i back to?  but the writers strike has prevailed, as imagined.  my own boss and the writers of my lovely show are picketing the gates of warner brothers studios, along with hundreds of other writers as well as julia and a tribe of dedicated actors.  we on the inside move out friday,  its a momentous kind of thing for me, and probably many.  and somber.  so sadly, we’re walking away from our jobs and i’m back in the hands of myself.  i haven’t given much thought about it.  yet, anyway.  or maybe i can’t do much about the situation.  kind of like that adjustment to the new time of day, and time zone (read last story). once again, is is all a reminder, of how little i can do about the world around me, so i might as well go through it with some kind of a smile.  we all do.

i love those moments we can write a giant, open list:
“things to do” – and its more a big “things i can do in life”, “things i should do” “everything to do to do” “do do do do do ” and it has nothing to do with much.  just US.    for now, in my immediate.. the timing couldn’t be better for a trip to san francisco, just in time to then mosey over to tahoe for an extra long thanksgiving week with pa.

in other words, I’M TAKE THE MONTH OFF.
who gets to do this? but a few.  a lucky lucky few.

in the meantime, i will promise to makesomething.dosomething.. something that makes and does and sells sells and pays for another life off.   where do we go next suzanne?  vietnam? poland?  central america?

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