morning S

morning to you.. though the timezone really prevents that from being true.  GOOD DAY.

good you, good everything.

its late morning in burbank, ca and i sit very still and happy right now.  i was able to attend the private yoga classes that take place at work.. just a few of us and its just wonderful and a very different thing for me to start my day with a class.  i see the love of it…   if my studio offered those 6 am classes, i might be interested… i wonder if i could also lay the paper down for ready pleasure in downward dog?

i slept awfully.. why?  i don’t know.  only a couple of drinks and it was very hot though.  could i have ruined my night be have a late night snack that consisted of frozen taco things with immense amount of salsa and then more chips and salsa and then huge cookies (vegan) then some trader joes chocolate something., also somewhere in there i ate an entire beet as i leaned over the sink.. the chocolate bar i was literally eating as i go in bed and turned lights out.   PERHAPS thats why my body said WTFuck most of the darkness.

im very excited  for lunch today.  food is the biggest of topics in my office environment.   sad thats sometimes the only thing o really focus on.  talk about living in the now!

i have on my desk a black and white photo from philadelphia in winter of 2002 (?) for the first of many war protests we all went to.  in it heidi and jon are both bundled up like in that very “temple campus=war ridden russia”-look…  and we are on spring garden… heidi holds a large sign “we are all one” with he rpainted earth and moon… jon, “all we need is love” …   and when i look at it i’m so happy, it was such a sad and interesting time.   meanwhile, the war has gone unchanged and its 2007 and this mess is pretty fucked.

my sign of course only said, “PEACE”

ah. the morning becomes eclectic.

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