– if i had an iphone, i could blog from traffic.
– also, how do you sign in to andwelove.. do you have that weird code password memorized? can we change it to a simple word we both know?

It is a monday afternoon, suzy.
LIFE as I KNOW IT is absolutely wonderful right now.  not for any one reason.. just for, reasons.  all and everything.
the sun shines and the days pass away with such ease, such friendliness.
know that way?
Its some day in july.  that word, JULY.
the middle of the year and all this TIME.  this is the only time i LIKE TIME, suzy
the middle.  half done, half to go.  such balance.
not sadly almost over or awfully just beginning.
you know?

today i’m in the middle.  of EVERYTHING GOOOOOOOD!

cat, house, and i sit near fan and the curtains wave like oceans
music and thoughts and light spin around the room, yet
it is calm.  i am calm.

i guess thats all i’m feeling.

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