hola hola hola … si, yo vivo…

pardon, pardon, pardon….  soy en espana y amo la playa, no la computador

eh. that could all be wrong.  but my keyboard does do things like this ñññññññ and €€€€€

suzy, friends, strangers, loves….  im sorry i should have blogged this entire trip and now its over.  i have many many journal entries that when i get home im going to edit and write on here.  all one big blog of my life in europe this time around.   s, this is the fucking 4th time i come to europe and im proud of that.

my week with jonathan was slight insanity and wonderful.  a pile of drugs and drinking and love that might never get spoken about, really.  haha.    and yes, lunch with jesse and friends from san francisco and all all all BEAUTY.

now i am in spain and not lonely and leaving the day after tomorrow.  i spent 2 nites in barcelona before getting a little citied-out.  no mas.  i needed the quiet, the beach, the people.  sitges.   im in sitges, a wonderful little beach town.  slightly commercial.  and very homosexual.  tink the south beach of europe-  pero less outlandish and more wonderful.  not at all florida  just gay and touristy like miami.   however, this being europe.. and this being my first time on a real european beachfront… i realize how much nudity im usually missing on.    LALOVEit.

not to mention, the actual nude beaches..   🙂

so.  im wonderful, this is wonderful.. i cant wait to see you be with you and everyone in ny next week, the 12th.  i guess 2 weeks away.  im not lonesome, as much as bored.  in the day i sleep because at night i meet people and the interactions are all love.  and dancing.  not many americans, thats a blessing.  though, i, of course met  a boy in barcelona from SF who had all the same friends as i and we probably met at some time anyway.  he spotted me reading in the corner alone and thought only a rare american would do this.  true¿

i love love love it all.

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