turning 25.

HI SUZY SUZY SUZY. i have been “gone” – or just not on my computer and living up the travel life (airports, buses..) and stuff. (went to san fran, then to virginia city, nv to stay with dad. just got back to la tonight with a good sf friend. fun for birthdays)

but i will read all your posts, and write a ton of my own. i promise.

i just turned TWENTY FIVE 57 minutes ago.
NOT that that really means much to the guy with no watch and barely a correct clock in the house. its just plain FUN to dramatize the whole thing. and to bitch and complain and scream about AGING. its definitely the THING TO DO.

my friend, who never reads this blog but will now, LALALOVED your post that he just noticed. the goethe quote. i, personally couldn’t really understand it but he summed it up simpler: stop be lazy. do something about everything and the universe will place everything for you just right.

new york times current sun mag is about the current phenonenom of aging. the medical field. the idea of wisdom. life expectancy. so so interesting.

ANYWAY. so now ive been 25 for 1 hour 11 minutes. why do i like to state that??? HAHAH.



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