aaamazing photo… though (&the end of the world)

a wee head-shot-esque- not that there is anything wrong with that, but, you know, in “my line of work” i see quite a few of that close up shot a lot. i get, well numb.

been thinking of you, us, everything, life, london, sun sun sun.

i LOVE spring in the east coast.
one day it was so hot here out of no where, and it was sunny and the sun burned my arms as i drove around with the windows down and i played rusted root and i was LITERALLY SERIOUSLY with all my mind and soul not here, NO. i was in philadelphia, getting in my old ford tauras sophomore year with people like coleen, noelle, rulon, colin (some were at my/our party at your place more recently)… we were driving down broad in the hot heat singing and high and happy and finding parking by rittenhouse and laying in the grass with a bong. oh HA!

no la is always warm.. but it changes.. and when its 65 degrees, people say, ITS FREEZING. but i say “no its not” and they say “i know”

but today was my first day off work… work is done, project wrapped, laid off, unemployment, ALL THAT! and coworkers and i and friends celebrated on the beach.. lunch at a restaurant you are in the SAND. and wonderful laughter and sun and oil on my back. and trashy magazines and sour patch kids. OH LOVE!

no i see what its like in freedom of life again, whatever will i do with allllll thhiiisssss tttiiimmmeee…. NOTHING and EVERYTHING and WOOOOO!!!!


i was thinking of a question.
list off the top of your head the things you would put into a dufflebag sized suitcase if you knew there was most likely going to be some kind of terrorist or natural disaster and you had to leave the city, or go to a shelter, or even be trapped in your garage for who knows how long. i started to think, mine is really about HAPPINESS as opposed to safety and longevity. its all about making things be okay FOR NOW!

junk food
cans of beans, lots
raw garlic
bottles of vodka
and gin
and anything
and wine wine wine – well diffle bag amount
and bottle openers
and pot
and lots of matches and lighters
ipod, for whoever long it lasted
camera (in case)

whats yours????

even if just in your head.

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