afterthe phone went dead, suzy, i finished my smoke (yes i have a new level of “smoker” i smoke about 1-1.5 of a cigarette each evening, skipping some and adding to others and the cigarettes live in my bedside drawer with all the other “bad things” people keep in nightstands.. so anyway.. IM NOT A SMOKER), then i poured some wine.. put away my laundry.. played with the cat, turned all the lights off, peed, and now im on the laptop for just a moment and im SUPER happy that as of 2morrow i am OFF and OFF means no computer, no cell phone.. until monday morning.. ill be in the mountains of nevada and ill be without much time or interest in email or cellphones and it will be what LIFE IS. like me in spain.. (actually in spain i will probably spend a lot of free time in internet cafes writing emails, but there is something to be said about being in touch with people on email whic etraveling abroad.).

ah. sigh. so tell me is dennis would take 5 moments to read an email from me about this “politics in DC SITCOM” and think of some titles.

HEY, WHO SAID “NO” to my blog? WHOWHO???

good evening and peace to you this night suzy, enjoy the wknd. i LOVED your statement about easter/xmas (read: “god”) not at all a priority to our generation, but also the only “family time” we get. and thank “god” for THAT because any more family time – i might go insane. or religious… oh, wait.. SAME THING.

good night,

til next week,

🙂 * %^&$# FFGSBTYWARVATBRY dtyvtystvatvy

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