now from the floor….

suzy, im in that – cleaning/moving/thinking mode, in my new room, so im supposed to be setting my life up, but hours later im still sitting in the middle of the room on the floor “reading” all these cards, and papers, and notes, and journals, and lifes, that i pulled from a packet in my “new closet”. “what is all this again”? i asked. thinking ‘this is what i’m supposed to do, open this up each and every time i move from one place to another’

well anyway, what struck me- and now im writing it to you- SUZY- is that ONE page of one small little notebook/to-do-list like pad i found from a couple years back, right after college, well, i wanted to share it with you all.

so.. verbatim: as on the page below:

-modeling: spend the $ > susan
– get to ‘stars’ asap
-2 temp agencies for summer
– catering
– acrobat
– start research
– contact
-fax resume
– meditaion classes > buddhist center, san francisco
– cancel dui papers, lawyer
– understanding now


back to now..
amazing, no?
so i suppose i sat at the same desk a couple years ago and thought and wrote…
that i needs to get a job, an agency, a caterer,… ALL
and i was looking into theater????? what?
.. buddhism, finish my dui court case… HAHHA SEE the LAWYER… how adult!
oh yeah, and “understand now”… what an ending.

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