“dear suzy, love alexander::::”

. . . . . . …. ……..hello.

no, i have been absent in my writing for 2 reasons
1. just last week, at very short notice, i was asked at work to take over for a person leaving on short notice. i now no longer work in the production office as an office assistant all day, but rather on the stage (“set”) all day. long days. production assistant on set. what fun, and oh i enjoy. but means: trapped to stage 5 at warner bros., must always carry vibrating phone, must aleays be available, no sitting in myspace/andwelove/email/IMing land./// but still, down time and reading the new york times and national geographic. mainly, no computer.

and THANK GOD FOR THAT, actually. i hate this white plastic. i enjoy my real newspaper and catching up onlint just once a day, if that. TRY IT

and 2. this peice of whaite plastic. a wonderful apple iBook, reaching 2.5 years old – old for anything modern technology – has a retarded question mark and forward slash button and it jams, a lot, even if im just hitting keys near by it, and so if i go near the / then it ends up getting stuck and going ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// until i do something drastic to stop, like bang hard on another key.//

also the slashes just appear anytime they want/ and it comes/out sounding like im trying to write some strange newfound//// poetry. wait//arent?////i???

JILL AND ME HAD A WONDERFUL TIME love her. we did exactly as planned. enjoyed, enjoyed enjoyed…/ all things. the big house, the hot tub, 120 bucks on sushi one night. what. and each other. and the beach. and spending all day together on my set and jane lynch was guest starring (look her up, tall actress from all christopher guest movies. a funny lady) and so me and jill were a riot with her presence.

today i drove wanda sykes’ car.

ok, in a screwy way i am famous-obcessive.

“those hollywood stars”

**** right now i sit on riany eve at big dinning table with candles and music and one dog at feet, one car on notebook with one paw on comupter. and one tail, almost in candle.


coming out of constraint
who gives a fuck about anna nicole dumbass
tired and relaxed
excited for yoga
happy for the weekend, the farmers market, being me me me
single and sad
i miss christopher and our phone calls
im enjoying new people already, windows close
doors.. enjoy

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