love it. you know what i was thinking last night?..

i was thinking about the world, politics. do you know what year “9-11” happened? 2001! 2001!!!! thats 6 years ago. we remembered it one year later LIVING in london. that was FIVE years ago. so point is, 9-11, is still this big mess. no rebuilding in ny, still at unknown amount of wars all over the middle east and elsewhere, still talking about terror alerts and all this CRAP CRAP. and its so long ago, its over. i know this sound unsensitive, its not about all those that had a loss, its about all of our leaders lingering, lingering on this and ABUSING it as some excuse for a free-for-all-i-do-what-i-want style of leadership.


i saw FACTORY GIRL last night. pretty good, makes me think great things about the people and time. ny in the 60’s. i think, i always fantasize about san francisco, hollywood at that time. perhaps a decade each. what would you say would have been best. hollywood in the 50s. nyc in the 60s and sf in the 70s. whatever i can get the most partying out of. i wanna be fucked up with andy warhol and bob dylan and hanging in the factory and hollywood hills and allover everything. . .

DAY FOR NIGHT was just delivered from netflix. will watch, maybe this evening.

JILL SATURDAY. wanna know my plans?
farmers market sat am. then to lax to get jill.
show her my place and kitty and neighborhood for lunch. then head to my boss’ house in sherman oaks/beverly hills where i am house sitting. get some friends, make a great diner, drink wine in the jacuzzi, spend sunday lounging. bloody marys. head to venice beach for people watching and french fries.

oh what a weekend.

and there is monday to do anything.
and tuesday jill gets to hang out “on set” with me all day, oh- doesn’t ON SET sound so lavish. love.

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