is our post head gone?

so why haven’t i written so much? i don’t know. nothing is happening. i’m here, all is well. i’ve been reading your messages, thoughts, notes and links.

here in california, it is finally spring. warm. wonderful. enjoyed the beach yesterday, and back to my weekly working time today. how is life with no “real” job. are you odd jobbing it up all week long. i love it too. the life of freelance.

i loved that photographers website. i like the images a lot. you are abeauty, suzy. i also like the very platonic but sexy to me images of beach surfer boys portraits. for some reason, just the shirtlessness of a man, GETS ME HOT. hot.

did i tell you i am seriously obcessed with blueberries. the superfood.
also, i am way obcessed with sea weed. sea weed salad, sea weed soup. im going to whole foods and/or asian market today to fill way up on seaweed choices.

i must be off and make some quick work happen. i love you. hey d you know how cheap lonely planet books are on spain and barcelona for 75 cents.

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