oh SUZANNE: I’m so glad to know you. I’m so always glad to know that people have testicles and balls in the same box. DO IT. DO ANY OF IT OR NONE OF IT. just do what you want/have (what’t the diff) to DO DO DO DO DO (not) DO.

long story short, i’m glad you quit. you got yourself to NY and no you can just be IN ny regardless of what you do. do anything. model, travel. be you and tell everyone about it.

i even get a small inner twinkle when i face the reality that my work, and maybe all my work in this city is fleeting. that even though i got hired to assist on a a successful, big budg, netword television show. that STILL, still, each season comes to an end. production slows and then stops and then quickly wraps up the show, packing boxes and storing files away into nothing. vacate. vacation. all this with unknowing of what’s next. mar 7, i become free. free to take a week off and read, sleep, go out everynight and fuck up. whatever. and then, of course, if i want money, fun, life, success, spain, england.. then i find NEW NEW WORK. new, different. change. nights? cafe? movie? office? whataver the planetman (!!) has in store for me.

(can we have such thing as a planetman… a big handsome model like hunk that is basically like the “god” image, but rather than old white bearded man, he is very sexy and wears calvin klein underwear and is hung and dark and wonderful. this is MY planetman and he controls the universe and makes me happy)

i’m home this tuesday. me, the cat and the dog on the couch. me attempting to start//finish reading a whole pile of magazines and half read books. natalie merchant live plays and i enjoy wine and weed and veggie stew.

i could die in my sleep.

call again. more. always.
so ??????’s . what is going to happen the next few weeks?
whats africa about?
how did you quit/leave the med people so quickly… u must have walkedout in addition to quit.


im dizzy. its good.

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