s: DAY 5/you are right/i love IT

hi, hello,

did you have off yesterday? i did. went for a 2 hour hike in griffith park, the largest recreational park within any city boundry. bigger than central, but alas, LA is like 30 new yorks in space.

yes, suzy, the freedom.. but remember.. WE, you me, the people we love anc choose to be near.. we are so so so so so so so not of any tradition or normalcy. i meet and talk to people all the time that fall right into that category::
“do it while your young”

and why? because yes, young is now, then comes marraige+nanny+kids+2 week family vacation to disney.

we will never BE that.
do it while your young? NO. i’ll do it always and forever.
perhaps, because i am GAY? perhaps i will never have to conform. be married, have kids, etc. also.. gay men make the money and 2 of em together can make enough money to live the lavish life …

yet, i don’t think it of you either. i think your rigt on my page. kids/husband.. yes that will happen, but it will make no change on yoru actual reality- your love and desire to roam, travel.. be. ivy and i talk all the time about raising kids so bohemian. how we will have our 3 year olds at diner parties and traveling.

but here you are already saying “don’t know about spain, depends on my schedule”.. so its already how it is. busy and you make decisions. what you can do what you cant. you might not make it to spain for 10 days with me, but you did just leave for london for 5 days based on a decision you mae 2 days prior to landing in heathrow. so yeah, its not all or nothing.. its just some and some not. forever.

ITS DAY 5 OF THE CLEANSE. after today, i will have made it half way. HALF way .
and i feel so great. my mood is high, my body feels great. i mean, granted i would LOVE some fucking chips and salsa.. or some nuts, or even bad greasy french fries…. OH MAN that would be good! but instead, i look forward to how wonderful wonderful the first taste of salad and a half of glass of wine (you dont think im ganna wait on that do you?) will be next week.. less than a week away now…

anyway, sorry we missed a phone date. my interest in cell phone talking has really depleted last few weeks, and i’m kind of glad. if anything it will save my half asses relationship with christopher so we and our insecurities can stop depending on each other and out sad addiction to “talking” on this little plastic garbage.

so, does wordpress archive this all, i mean, will i be able in 10 years to read the blogs of this week?

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