day 2 early…

hmm, i know i posted yesterday afternoon. mostly about not being hungry but really wanting to eat for the fun of it. made me realize how much eating is done out of habit/boredom/addiction/taste/fun and NOT hunger. god, no wonder everyone is so FAT.

but the day went fine. mostly i feel better from not drinking, smoking, etc.
my roomate asked… “with this, will you be denying yourself of anything really important?”
i said, .. well i’m sure and of course, but in that, more importantly is that i am, for the first time ever, maybe, denying my body of all things toxic. just for a second, really, in the scheme.

so its 7:30 am. saturday. i drank my laxative tea last night and am now drinking my second ever 32 oz nalgele bottle of what tastes like new jersey ocean water that spilled into my corona, rotted for the afternoon and tastes nothing like corona but merely new jersey ocean water. i’m sure you can relate. actually, it is good sea salt and i read a quote online that said, its like drinking chicken soup broth without the chicken tatse. hahah. tis.

so i might finish this, read and sleep some more, then awake in an hour or two for the fun part… maybe i can get through the whole new york times while i’m on the toilet.

maybe ill bring the laptop in there too and blog.


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