s, i don’t know why but

when i have things to do/good thouts/preoccupation… i loose interest in writing/calling//mailing people. its as if i only USE people to ease my pain when i have pain. when i have no pain, i don’t need people. (you know this isn’t true, i LOVE YOU, i’m just wondering why)

prob cause ivy is in town and we are playing in la a lot and san francisco was the best time of my life, suzy. we must all go there some time. i am the greatest tourguide i believe. we had a blast on haight street i forgot how much i love love love hippies and those careless lovers of love. and we push along into golden gate park and a place called hippie hill and i forgot how much i LOVED it there. drum circles and smoking and flowing dresses of patches and love. hehehe.

new years eve was the usual pressure. (i still havent updates my new years log). i celebrated the midnightness a few minutes after the fact in the basement of a restuarant at a table with a few folk some i knew, some just new.

i miss you. i loved being in brooklyn it made me want to move there, until i got back to california, west is best.

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